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Catfish Row Museum Exhibits

The Catfish Row Museum's exhibits, programs, live performance venue and special events will engage the visitor to explore the people, places and events that form this unique and culturally diverse Mississippi river city.

Major Exhibit Themes

• River Commerce & Work

River Commerce & Work

"It was a major industry. A lot of people made their living on the river. We had cobblers, barbers, doctors — even floating stores — before the day of the mall or the automobile. The river was the major method of transportation. Back then, the river was the mall." — Paul Hartfield, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Biologist


• Music & the River

Music & the River

The city's position amidst plantations, river, rails and roadways helped make Vicksburg a hotbed for music of all genres.


• Religion & the River City

Religion & the River City

Vicksburg's diversity can easily be illustrated throught the houses of worship that populate her landscape.


• Ethnic Foodways & Traditions

Ethnic Foodways & Traditions

The diversity of cultures is probably most fully expressed through the city's cooking and dining traditions. From African American, Italian, Lebanese, Jewish and a myriad of other cultures, Vicksburg's food stands out in the pantheon of Southern cuisine.


• Art


Whether its unique terrain of the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River or the diversity of people the setting has enticed, artists have always played a significant part in the city's vibrant culture.


Exhibit Themes







"Museums can do more than preserve the past. They can shape the future through vision based on history and shared stories." — Bill Seratt, Executive Director, Vicksburg Convention & Vistors Bureau