What’s on the plate?

Ribs, pulled pork with pickles and onion slices, baked beans, corn on the cob, and garlic bread

“We’ve had doctors and lawyers sitting down next to painters and the guy that comes from waste management and gets the garbage. We all just get along, and that’s why I like about the [barbecue] business. The wide variety of different people that you meet and that you make friends with.” – Randy Wright

The earliest commercial barbecue establishments in Mississippi were founded in the 1920s. Community barbecues have a long tradition in Mississippi, even more so than commercial places. Barbecue in Mississippi is ethnically diverse. Three types of commercial barbecue are generally available in Mississippi, the trailer rig, the traditional pit, and electric oven barbecue. 

Goldie’s Trail Bar-B-Que is Vicksburg’s flagship for barbecue. In 1960, Gola “Goldie” Marshall and his wife, Hattie, purchased Rosette’s Grill, a little restaurant in Vicksburg on the bank of the Mississippi River.

“Vicksburg, Mississippi is—or Mississippi is—is kind of a little bit in between the Georgia, South Carolina, vinegar barbecue and the Texas, real thick, beef brisket barbecue. So, we actually do it all…And the way we do it is we take the pork and the beef, and we actually slice all of it thin to assure tenderness. And—and cook it from—from that state. So it’s a little different than most everybody.” – Randy Wright

“And Mississippi, we’ve got a lot of good barbecue in Mississippi and a lot of different places. Ours are more country store barbecue, and I’m going to tell you when you get an opportunity to stop in an old country store and they’ve got barbecue there for you to eat, try it because it’s going to be good. I guarantee it’s going to be good.” — Randy Wright