“The Mississippi Delta begins in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis and ends on Catfish Row in Vicksburg.” — David L. Cohn, author, Where I Was Born and Raised

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The Catfish Row Museum provides a cultural heritage experience that showcases the unique and diverse aspects of Vicksburg — from its music, history and storytelling to its vibrant food heritage, worship and the visual arts. Staying true to David Cohn’s declaration that the Mississippi Delta ends on Catfish Row in Vicksburg, the Museum brings the Catfish Row of historic Vicksburg back to life through a broad cultural exploration of the events, places, stories and vices that helped shape its culture.

Sense of Place

Vicksburg was and still is a place where people work hard and play hard. Considered by many to be a city of the Old South, our stories reveal Vicksburg as a place of several Souths. Catfish Row, as a vital part of the Mississippi Delta, is best known for its cultural expression. Considered the fertile crescent of American culture, the music, art, literature and food reflect the adaptations of many people and are an expression of their original roots.

Museum Goals

• Tell Vicksburg’s distinctive stories through the people and experiences that shaped it
• Position Vicksburg as a “must-see” destination
• Provide a live music venue for local and regional audiences
• Partner in the reviatalization of Vicksburg’s historic downtown

“The Catfish Row Museum is the right project, at the right time, and at the right location for our city. With all the new developments in Vicksburg, we need additional attractions for our visitors and community that feature Vicksburg’s voices and stories. It is a game changer for our extraordinary city!”
— George Flaggs, Jr., Mayor of Vicksburg
“Vicksburg is a national treasure which boasts some of the most significant historic sites in our state. This project will introduce visitors to a historic structure that will use modern multimedia to tell these stories for both visitors and our community.”
— Nancy Bell, Jr., Executive Director of Vicksburg Foundation for Historic Preservation