What’s on the plate?

Dolmas, kibbe, Lebanese green beans, pita bread, and olives

Most Delta Lebanese settlers were from the Mount Lebanon region of Syria. The first wave of settlers began in the 1880s and continued through the 1920s. Most established themselves as merchants. As with most immigrants to the area, they created social clubs that cooked and celebrated traditional cultural meals. 

“We taught our kids how to make kibbee and cabbage rolls at a very young age. We want them to be able to carry on the legacy and heritage of their Lebanese ancestors. We teach them in hopes they’ll carry on that tradition and teach their children.” — Misty Jabour

Lebanese immigrants in Vicksburg founded St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in 1906. A big part of the community was the food, and in 1961, the annual Lebanese dinner was begun. It is a huge fundraiser for the church and is a community favorite.